Saturday, March 5, 2016

Roll of Film: Black & White 120mm

Unedited, mostly of my cat, Hamachi.


Southeast Industrial

goof ball

Hamachi <3

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Roll of 120mm Film: For Fun

A few months ago my pals and I
played around with instruments and took Mamiya photos.
We got silly.

The Mrs. in the old place


I miss my purple hair

Chris and Rochelle and their amazing record collection

Lavender and little robin

Rochelle being a cute little goon

First and only time playing bass

New band in the works

Would have been nice--- Rhodes

Cute & Awkward

Monday, May 11, 2015

Roll of Film... Holga Spring

Spring in Portland through the lens of the Holga!

Our house on Grant St,

When the cherry blossom tree blossomed 

Self Reflection in dirt puddle

Flowers in my eyes

Spring snow

Division bubbles

Films for mature adults

leaf drainage

looking out from our porch

Skies and trees



Zack's head and blossoming trees

Steph in my hoodie

Steph in the clouds

Hamachi exploring the outdoors

Brunch with Pato

Brunch with Nick

Elise's last day of waffling, and trying to eat our easter brunch

Damn that was a delicious easter brunch

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Roll of Film... Birthday Fish Eyes

I celebrated my 26th lap around the sun.

View from the front porch


Driving on the Fremont Bridge

looking north

St. Johns Bridge is really pretty

Dougherty Boys on Sauvies

Hasmood on Sauvies

Me on Sauvies

Lauren eating chicken

My friends are cool

birthday show!




The Photographer photographing psychomagic

The Whale

I love me some RO

Liseeeeeeey & Parks & Steph